Intuitive Systems is a Malaysia software company, well known as open source industry innovator, providing innovative business solutions since 2004. Our primary intention is to provide quality, cost effective and state-of-the-art IT solutions and consultancy services.

Complex processes, simple solutions.

We are also an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems solutions provider committed to delivering quality products that are industry specific, robust and simple to use. Our solutions are designed to give you back the power to run your business through effortless control of information data.


We build our products and services on our principles of:

  • usAbility –  We focus on the best practice for your industry. Our client-oriented solutions are tailored to ensure that your goals are achieved with efficiency and satisfaction.
  • scalAbility – We use technology that can evolve as quickly as your business does. Our designs are planned around flexibility for future growth of your business.
  • maintainAbility – Complexity in processes are simplified to make management and maintenance easy through our feature rich intuitive design.
  • auditAbility – Application is implemented with emphasis in the ability to trace not only information flow but also the changes of information over time.
  • portAbility-  Flexible in design, our solutions provide easy migration from one operating platform to another.

Our organization comprises of people with practical hands on experience in every area of the plantation estate management industry. 

We understand that each business division is unique in its needs. Our goal is to assist your business achieve operational excellence by empowering each division with intuitive, flexible and dependable technology.

To do this, we harness the advantages of open source technology to develop the products we offer.  The services we offer go beyond just providing you with a business solution. We are firm believers in building strong foundations, solid relationships and providing professional, proactive advice for your business.  We are dedicated to shaping a sustainable future for you and your business.