Evoke is a business intelligence and data visualization platform that includes integrated dashboards, collaboration tools, and data analytics. It provides users the ability to create interactive and customizable dashboards, data warehousing tool by building their own data sources and option to connect to multiple databases, and drill-down into their data for detailed data analysis.


Dashboard Creation

  • Create unlimited dashboards
  • Intuitive drag & drop dashboard designer
  • 20+ available charts/graphs (click to list)
  • Fully customizable dashboard design

Data Management

  • Connect to multiple databases & data sources
  • Real time access & present live data
  • Data warehousing including consolidating data sets from various sources


  • Allow user to make comment on individual dashboard
  • Provide notification to someone who has been addressed in the comment
  • Provide Quote, Reply features to organize and focus on the conversations
  • Share and send the dashboards to team through its interface
  • Faster communication and better collaboration is guaranteed

User Experience

  • Access dashboard in any web browser
  • Provide mobile dashboard which can be accessed via Evoke app
  • Drag and drop feature for ease of use
  • No coding is required