Attendance Payroll Integration

Attendance Payroll Integration is designed for user to integrate employee’s attendance record from attendance register devices, for payroll calculation. 

The Attendance Payroll integration built with shift management to ease the user to plan their resources in more effective way, and keep track their employees’ attendance pattern.

How Attendance Payroll Integration works: -

Worker check in and out to take daily attendance through biometric verification. User will perform daily attendance consolidation in every next day morning to consolidation previous day attendance. Lastly, user will only integrate the daily attendance record once all the records has been checked and confirmed.

Benefits of Attendance Payroll Integration: -

  • Reduction of Errors and improved accuracy with automated system that ensures minimum errors that can result when humans are manually managing data.
  • Administrative Cost and Time Savings where it reduces administration time and money from manual process of scheduling, and payroll Calculation with device integrated and automated system that does it all for your company.
  • Quickly and efficiently create reports with fully automated and integrated system.