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Salary Dispatch Module is designed for user to verify the employees who receive their salary in cash term via biometric verification, i.e. Fingerprint verification and/or Face Recognition. Even in the event of employee failed the biometric verification, system do have the mechanism that allows authorized personnel to perform manual verification.

How Salary Dispatch works: –

(a) Handheld Device/Face Recognition: Scenario 1

* Worker place a finger on fingerprint scanner of the device, or pass the face scanner on face recognition system. Once its successful match with the registered record, then worker can proceed to salary payment.

(b) Handheld Device/Face Recognition: Scenario 2

* Worker go thru biometric verification. If verification process fails more than 3 times, it requires worker to undergo system authorizer’s verification in order to receive salary payment.

Benefit Of Salary Dispatch: –


 –  Identification accuracy with built in biometric verification to ensure that correct person receive the pay.

 –  Reduce administrative cost and time from manual printout and manual checking for the pay.

 –  Establish accountability where every pay transaction will be recorded which reduce the possibility of any fraud case.