In Intuitive Systems, we bring innovative and intelligence technologies service to transform your business and reinvent your organization as an intelligent enterprise. With the combination of innovative technology and industry experience, we are able to secure your business with technology not only today but with future-proof. With digitalization of your business your organization will work better with better communication and team collaboration.

Digitalization of your business:-


We have been working closely to provide solutions that are able to meet our customer business model/process. We not only provide solutions to storing and retrieving data but we are in fact digitalizing the business model/process for our clients. By using the handheld/mobile device with integration of GPS, Barcode, RFID, NFC, Fingerprint and Face recognition, our clients are able to streamline their processes from on ground to top management by providing real-time data monitoring. With the digitalization we are able to process data faster and there is no more waiting time for data transfer between ground staff and management staff.

Make your data intelligent with dashboard:-

Data is a piece of puzzle and we can hardly see anything with just 1 pieces it. However, dozens of data will be a mess and covered by hidden risk and opportunity. With big data analysis tools like Evoke (our dashboard product), we are able to put all these data into a beautiful master piece which portrays a clear picture of all your data. We are helping our client in transforming the way of decision making and risk management by using big data analysis to transform disparate data into meaningful knowledge. With Evoke, our clients are able to do risk calculation and helping them to find the answer they need while improving time-to-results and time-to-decisions.


Real Time Data Access / Offline Data Synchronization

Accessing data anytime anywhere? Limited connectivity? Difficulty to consolidate multiple databases? Our solution is a web based application, which always provide real time access to all your data. We also provide offline data synchronization for inaccessible site and provide multiple databases consolidation solutions.

Control and Centralization master file

Hard to control your ground staff especially when your organization grows bigger with more branches and subsidiary companies? With our solution you can get rid of this, especially when you are able to centralize the data of all the branches especially master file. No more multiple login to multiple systems. With a single login to one system you can create master file and distribute it to all the systems in your organization. No more worries about master file being modified by ground user without control as all master files are being controlled by headquarter.