ERP – Automate your business with Intelligence, Scalable solutions for the real world.

We implement web-based ERP solutions seeking to streamline and integrate operation processes and information flows in the company to synergise the resources of an organisation namely labour, material, money and machine through information. Web-based solutions enables the remote and real-time access of information via the web so that the latest version of critical business information can be instantly disseminated and accessed.

We offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from feasibility analysis, business process reengineering, mapping of business requirements, report design, ensuring business control, customization of the package for the specific requirements, documentations, and etc.

Our products expertise covers, and is not limited, to the following solutions:

– General Ledger (GL)
– Account Payable (AP)
– Account Receivable (AR)
– Human Resources Management
– Monthly Payroll Management
– Production Management
– Field Management
– Vehicle & Workshop Management
– Weighbridge Management
– Crop Reception Management
– Manpower Management
– Supervision Control Management
– Daily Payroll Management (Checkroll)
– Project Management
– Fixed Assest Management
– Inventory Management
– Procurement Management
– Budgeting Management
– Costing Management
– Dashboard / Business Intelligent System
– Executive/Management Report Automation
– System Administration Management
– System and Service Management (Notification, Schedule, Database Management)