Lower Cost

Our products are running on Open Source platform. With Open Source technology, customers will no longer be tied down to paying expensive operating systems (OS) and database for third party server / client licenses. Stable and reliable operating systems and applications like Fedora Linux (by Red Hat), JBoss Application Server, Apache Tomcat, mySQL, PostgreSQL (heavy duty database) can be used to ensure highest possible availability of the application for our clients.

With the modular designed architecture, other business application or module can be easily plugged in / integrate with our solution at different application layers, which helpS to reduce long-term investment costs.

Scalability of the solutions adopted

This is to say that a project is always conceived as an intermediate phase of something that can be further improved/developed. No output is final; everything that has its focal element to the resolution of the customer’s needs can be revised.

Therefore, an information system needs to be scalable. It needs to be able to grow and change in line with the company’s operations. Unlike 10 years ago, one can simply purchase an on-the-shelf system and run it for 10 or so years.

Our solution is scalable and able to grow and change according to the operational needs of the company and not limit to a company’s adaptability.


Our solution is fully J2EE compliant. We allow our customers to choose various operating systems platforms from Windows, Linux to Unix, thus giving our clients the peace of mind to grow their business as fast as they can without worrying about the portability of their business applications. We provide an open and flexible architecture to simplify and accelerate development and customisation, minimising business investment cost while allowing additional focus on business functionalities.

Customisable and Rapid Application Development

Every company has different ways of managing their business/operation. An on-the-shelf information package simply will not allow a company to be adaptable to the constant change of operation needs.

A software should not force a company to change and / or restrict its business operations. Our solution lies in its carefully developed application architecture using the best practices like Object Oriented Technology and “Model-View-Controller” (MVC) architecture with multitier structure to ensure it could be easily customized to suit different customers’ requirements.

Live Data

Live data delivery is becoming increasingly popular across all forms of digital products. It gives users the most up-to-date information, provides marketers with immediate feedback, and encourages effective communication. When everyone knows where they stand at the moment, they can collaborate more easily.

We understand that technology is making it easier for system to deliver real-time data to site’s users. Over the years, we have invested in tablets or mobile technologies and closely guarded them as trade secrets. Our objective is to simplify data input/collection process, and present live data via dashboard for better analysis & visualization.