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Your Trusted Daily Work Assistant


Embrace the future of daily work assistance with AMY today.

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Document Request

Document Request Made Easy

Say goodbye to chasing clients for missing documents. AMY streamlines the document collection process by automating document requests. By simply inputting the required documents and setting the due date, AMY sends personalized reminders to clients, ensuring timely submissions and reducing unnecessary follow-ups.



Email Trigger System

AMY's intelligent email trigger system ensures that no important tax deadlines are missed. It automatically generates email reminders for upcoming due dates, notifying both tax agents and clients well in advance. This feature eliminates the risk of late submissions and penalties, giving you peace of mind and enhancing your professionalism.



One-Click Document Signing

AMY takes the hassle out of managing signatures in PDF documents. Using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, AMY scans through the PDF files, identifying and marking all fields that require a signature. This intelligent feature saves valuable time for both tax agents and clients, eliminating the need for manual searching and highlighting.

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