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Palm Oil Mill

Palm Oil Mill

Our Palm Oil Mill Management System (POMMS) integrates various aspects of the mill processes to provide real-time data needed by the team to make swift and informed decisions.

POMMS manages mill capacity ranging from 45MT/Hr to 120MT/Hr.

Close-up of a silver pen on docunent contract_edited

FFB Supplier Contract Management

The system enables the creating of FFB supplier contracts: FFB, CPO/PK and biomass.


System captures OER offers, including any incentives and subsidies.


With Financial integration, system can generate FFB statements and CPO/PK sales billings. 

Built-in contract approval control to ensure billing and payment of FFB invoice is only possible with approved contract.


Truck Scale for Palm fruits,weighbridge_edited

Weighbridge Integration

Connectable with weighbridge peripherals, and all weigh in / out transactions are stored in POMMS with built-in control to ensure no data manipulation is possible.

Ability to work with weigh bridge legacy system.

Customisable feature allowing the integration with supplier's weighbridge data into POMMS to automate the match of the FFB supplier’s and CPO/PK/Biomass buyer's weighbridge ticket details to monitor weight variances.

freshly harvested oil palm bunches in oil mill ready for bunch greading

Ramp Grading

Grading App allows graders to perform consignment grading with photo/video capturing capabilities for the purpose of audit and communicating with FFB suppliers on FFB qualities.

Configurable and customisable grading criteria based on mill grading policy.

On/Off site on-demand monitoring of FFB qualities received becomes possible without paper work. 

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