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Make your payday

hassle-free & easier

with our payroll system

A completely integrated and secure payroll system compliant & certified by LHDN.


Monthly Payroll Computation System

Monthly Payroll Computation System (MPCS) integrates employer of record services, payroll, and contractor payments in one. 
MPCS provides effortless payment, reduces human errors, saves time and money. 

Let us take care of everything for you and enjoy hassle-free during payday!

How it works


View your entire payroll data

Investigate or make a data-driven decision 
about payroll with all kinds of reports.
You can see everything in one report that 
includes employees’ EPF, SOCSO, EIS, Zakat
from multiple companies. 


Pay your team in minutes

Review your team’s salaries and all the 
necessary tax and benefits deductions in 
one place. Generate payroll summary for 
the bank.


Set up in no time

Get your team onboard seamlessly 
within one month for a new entity 
abroad or migrating from an existing 


Manage new employees, allowances, 
deduction and more

Approve new employees, allowances, 
and deductions for your team through 
MPCS to avoid any unauthorised 


Declaration report for annual 
EA form submission

The template is compliant with LHDN's 
standard for submission of Borang E & 
CP8D. The required information will 
automatically fill by the system and 
sent to the forms to LHDN directly.


Additional Tax calculation 
(Non-Resident, REP & IRDA)

Do a different tax calculation for 
employees according to LHDN’s 
calculation standard.


Split salary and bonus

Generate payroll summary for 
salary and bonus respectively 
to make separate payment.


Payroll General Ledger

After payroll closing, the system can 
auto-generate journal entry posts 
to the accounting system.


Database encryption

Provide enhanced security for all your 
data at all times, protect privacy and 
sensitive information and avoid 
security attacks.


24/7 online support

Provide direct 24/7 support. Our expert 
team is ready to serve you anytime, 

LHDN Compliant

Compliant with LHDN including taxes, 
termination requirements , calculations, 
and more.

Safe and secure

Protect our clients by keeping all data 
safe and secure. We secure all network 
transaction with encryption.

Meet our clients


Ta Ann Group


Sarawak Plantation


Palmhead Group

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