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Oil Palm Plantation

Since 2004, Intuitive Systems began the digital transformation of oil palm plantation operation. Our Palm Oil Estate Management System (POEMS) is the brainchild from over a decade of research and development. A fully integrated suite of applications managing the entire value chain from land development through to the sales of fresh fruit bunch. 

ScalAbility of POEMS allows it to manage a combined land bank over 100,000 hectares for our clients whose plantation size ranges from 1,000+ hectares to over 15,000 hectares.

Financial Module

Financial Management

All the key features of an accounting software: tracking account payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR), managing of the general ledger and generating financial documents.


Automates tasks related to billing, vendor payments and account reconciliation thus allowing the close of books in a timely manner.


Data generation for financial planning and analysis in preparing key reports, including profit and loss (P&L) statements and board reports, and run scenario plans.


E-Payment - In collaboration with OCBC Velocity Banking System.

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Inventory Management

Tracking of item quantities down to individual store location and also as an aggregate across multiple or all locations. This eases the arrangement of slow moving items from store locations by transferring them to those in need for them. 

Stock replenishment feature minimises cash tied in excessively high inventory level and reducing stock outages which impacts on the operation.

Integrated with smart devices to streamline processes: stock requisition and issue, stock movement and stock taking.

Integration with Procurement system allows the control of stock movement in the inventory whereby all stock receipts are linked to Purchase Orders. Financial integration also allow for the capturing of precise material costing.

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Procurement Management

Customisable control feature ensures only approved purchase requisition (PR) can proceed for quotations from pre-approved vendors, and purchase order (PO) generated from the approved quotation.

Integrated with Inventory Management module to ensure delivery order (DO) received from vendor matches the purchase order.

System is flexible enough to manage multiple DOs to a PO, and likewise multiple POs to a PR. Auto matching process and controls also prevent invoice duplications resulting in potential multiple payments to a single invoice.

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